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Do-It-Yourself Chain Link Fence Installations by Precision Fence Company

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Fence Installation Guidelines

Chain-link Fence Installations

1. Find out exactly where you would like to place your fence and mark it.

2. Set a nylon string for a guide string to be placed exactly where you would like your fence to be placed.

3. Tighten string to minimize any sway or say in string line.

4. Dig first hole and set post in the ground 2" higher than actual fence height. This is done for all corner and end posts. Cement post.

5. Allow posts to cure.

6. String a fence line from end post to end post measuring 2 inches lower than height of fence to allow loop caps to go onto line post to.   Bring it back up to required height. For example a four foot chain link fence would require 46" line post and 50" terminal post heights. When using 1 fence post for multiple direction it may require to leave an extra inch higher for room of extra hardware. Space posts 10 ft. apart or less.

7. Allow posts to set.

8. Install all tension bands (hold wire on) and brace bands (hold top rail on) onto Terminal Posts.

9. Install loop caps on line posts.

10. Install top rail and cut to fit.

11. Attach wire using tension bar, nuts, and bolts. Use 1 tie per ten feet directly after each line post in direction in which fence will be stretched.

12. Using 2 tension bars and a winch stretch chain link until the links are no longer easy to pull together.

13. Attach wire to Terminal Post  using nuts, bolts and tension bar.

14. Release tension.

15. Tie fence to posts and top rail using fence ties.

16. Look over fence and make sure all caps and fitting a secure.

17. Enjoy your new fence.

Chain link Gates
A chain link gate is often made to the opening desired.

Example: A four foot wide gate would have an opening of 4 foot between each gate post. etc. etc.  5 ft. 6ft.


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